Faculty Wishes Granted During 2018-2019

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MMS PTA granted over $22,000 worth of Faculty Wishes during the 2018-2019 school year! We are so proud of the generous support of our parents and community partners who helped make this possible.


To help us make another substantial investment in our school, please take a moment to join PTA for next year. Together, we can make a difference!


Here are some of the great things we did together in 2018-2019:

Art - Murals Supplies 




Athletics - Scoreboard 

Our old scoring panel had several buttons that would get stuck and was hard to press, as well as it was so outdated that they do not even make that model anymore. The new scoring panel makes it much easier for our scorekeepers to ensure the correct score is on the scoreboard without worrying about if the buttons would get stuck.


Athletics - Scorer's Table 

Our old scorer's table was worn out and tearing in multiple places. The new table is updated with light-up capability, longer to allow more space for both coaches and official score keepers. The Coaches love and appreciate our PTA so much. Thank you for everything you do to better our school.


Athletics - Trophy Case

With the number of trophies that we have accumulated and will continue to accumulate, we ran out of space in our current Trophy Case. Our new trophy case will case added space to display our athletes accomplishments.


Band - Banners




Band - Batteries and Command Strips


Band - Color Beads/Belt System


Band - Crash Cymbals


Band - Electric Piano


Band - Expo Markers


Band - Solo Badges 


Choir - Camera 

We are able to record concerts and auditions without using our personal iPhones or borrowing equipment from another department. The updated technology will greatly improve our reflection and self-evaluation of our performances!


Choir - Condenser Microphones 

This has SIGNIFICANTLY improved the ability of our small groups (like Harmaniacs and Melodivas) to be heard in our performances!

The quality of the mics is very high, and they are functioning beautifully! We were able to support independent acts (like our girls who sang "Cup Song" at Pop Show) by allowing them to be heard without mic-ing each person individually. This is a game-changer, and we are so grateful!! PS The kids and Ms. Altman nicknamed them the "giraffe mics" thanks to their very long, thin design. :-P


Club: Robotics - Cart, lights, Competition Banner, and Toolbox

MMS PTA Thank you for your support! We had borrowed PESH's cart, but when we were at the same competitions we couldn't use it. The team is very excited about the supplies your generosity provided. They are planning to put everything together in August to promote team building before next year's competitions start. I will be sending you pictures then. 


Club: Soccer - Two Soccer Goals 


Life Skills - Cooking and Sewing Supplies 

Word of the year bracelet supplies, sewing supplies such as monster supplies for hand sewing and shears for our big sewing projects, cooking supplies such as 3 blenders, aprons, pots and pans for our culinary unit, Storage supplies such as ziplock bags


Orchestra - 2 Roland "Cube Amplifiers 


School - Dress Code Violation Clothing


School - Games for Cafeteria Use


School - Golden Mav Awards 


School - STAAR Snacks 


School - Wall Padding for Gym w/Logo


School - Water Bottle Fillers


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