About Us

The goal of the Murphy Middle School PTA is to promote the welfare and standards of home life of the 1,200+ students that attend Murphy Middle School. To achieve this, the MMS PTA cooperates with the parents, teachers and administration of Murphy Middle School to ensure that our efforts provide educational benefits in all areas of their lives. The MMS PTA also communicates with and involves the surrounding communities to benefit the families of Murphy Middle School.

President's Letter

Read our new PTA President's letter and call to action.


The MMS PTA aligns it’s core principals with that of the Plano ISD Council of PTAs, the Texas PTA, and National PTA. The MMS PTA is in good standing with our parent organization - Texas PTA - and as such is provided status as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.


Bylaws & Standing Rules

You can learn more about the official policies of the Murphy Middle School PTA by reading the Murphy Middle School Parent Teacher Association Bylaws (reviewed/approved August 8, 2017) and the Murphy MS PTA Standing Rules (reviewed/approved August 8, 2017).


Stay up-to-date on developments in legislative issues that affect families, schools, and communities, and know what National, Texas and Plano ISD PTAs are doing to advocate for public education and children.

MMS PTA has several ways to share information that is relevant to you and your child's needs and interest.


Our Website

MMSPTA.org was designed with all the important information on the home page. If you have questions about something at MMS or MMS PTA, this should be your first stop. You’ll also find on our website easy access to frequently used links, the school’s latest eNews, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Social Media

Our social media goal is to generate interest in and participation in school and PTA events, programs and initiatives. It’s important to follow our main accounts because we try not to repost to school-specific information in the closed grade-level Facebook groups.

Follow and like us:

You’ll find a full list of MMS-specific social media accounts at MMSPTA.org/pta_contacts

For grade- or class-level specific information, request to join one of our private Facebook groups.

Upcoming Events

Visit mmspta.org/user_subscriptions to subscribe to MMS’ upcoming events and athletics’ games on your personal Outlook, Mac OS X Calendar, Google Calendar, or another calendar program.


MMS PTA contributes to Murphy Middle School's weekly eNews articles that is typically sent via email on Thurdsays. To subscribe, follow the instructions on our eNews page. You can find a link to the latest eNews in the upper, right corner of our website, mmspta.org

Contact Us

MMS PTA is your partner in education to help raise awareness of education and child-related issues and support advocacy efforts and partner initiatives. If you ever have a question, please contact a member of our board at MMSPTA.org/pta_contacts.