School Supplies

Purchasing Your Own Supplies

Please remember that Bulk Supplies are not optional. Bulk Supplies are just as required as General Supplies. The only difference is Bulk Supplies will be turned into the teachers at the beginning of the year and General Supplies are the students responsibility to bring to class when needed.

Unable to Attend Maverick March?

Any students unable to attend Maverick March will be able to pick up school supplies on the first day of school. We are not permitted to conduct any business in the school during the days between Maverick March and the First Day of school. In years past, students have been sent to the cafeteria during first period to pick up supplies. If students are also not in attendance on the first day, then the school supplies are delivered to their first period teacher and held there for them.



If you have any questions about school supplies, please email the school supplies chair or the admin for assistance.