Texas PTA Honorary Life Member

The Texas PTA's Honorary Life Member Award is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an individual by the Texas PTA for outstanding contributions to the well being of children and youth. The recipient of an Honorary Life Member Award does not have to be a PTA member, nor must the service for which the honor has been bestowed be connected with the PTA. The only requirement for receiving this honor is that the recipient is making, or has made, a worthwhile contribution to the well being of children and youth.

2019-2020 MMS Recipients

2018-2019 MMS Recipients


If you have any questions, please contact the Texas PTA Honorary Life Member Chair, Melissa Gonzales, at membership@mmspta.org

Previous Life Membership Award recipients

Receiving an Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest forms of recognition to let a volunteer know how much a campus truly appreciates their dedication to our children and the community. The following individuals in the Murphy community have either been recognized at Murphy Middle School or another nearby campus in the State of Texas. Note: We have not incorporated Miller Elementary School honorees, yet. 


Priscilla Abbott

Kendall Allen

Jennifer Almholt

Trish Alway

Barbara Baselice

Mitzi Behnke

Ebonii Bell

Pamela Bell

Kristy Bennis

Jennifer Bergman

Jennifer Bero

Judy Beshears, R.N.

Sukesh Biddappa

Becky Blasingame

Patty Blome

Joan Boswell

Shelly Bottlinger

Linda Bratcher

Heather Bright

Nicole Broeckel

Debbie Brumit

Linda Bryant

Elisabeth Budic

Connie Buescher

Kara Burton

Tiffany Bush

Michele Chappell

Debbie Chenault

Karyn Collins

Sharon Condon

Matthew Conrad

Ann Cooper

Ross Cornell

Debbie Dantzler

Katie Dauenbaugh

Suzanne Day

Amy Deans

Edie DeWoody

Ashley Dodge

Amanda Driscoll

Shannon Duggar



Mary Duncan

Jim Duval

Buffy Edenkrans

Jill Engelking

Linda Engelking

Evan Evans

Heather Fallgren

Judy Fenton

Brenda Flaherty

Melissa Fly

Cookie Foster

Lisa Garner

Kim Garrett

Nancy Giorgio

Garry Goff

Matthew Gomez

Monica Gonzalez

Charlotte Goodrich

Tonya Gosnell

Carole Greer

Debbie Haer

Virginia Hager

Kelly Hamilton

Ramona Harper

Diesta Harris

Ricki Hart

Tanya Hartley

Brian Henson

Robert Hernandez

Paula Heston

Mary Jeanne Higbee

Van Hines

Shurandia Holden

Amy Ichiba

Mary Jessen

Dori Karman

Angela Katai

Vasanthi Kaup

Angelina Kenefick

Tammy Korns

Carol Kriegbaum


Jill Lambouses

Sylvia Lansing

Jolene Leask

Mary Lysell

Corey Maddux

Fred Mancias

Debra Mandala

Stacey Martin

Ann Matthews

Anglea McCurdy

Shannan McEowen

Elizabeth Miller

Carrolyn Moebius

Arron Moeller

Ronda Moran

Ann Mortel

Jean Mundy

Yolanda Murray

Michael Murtaugh

Sherry Newell

Stephanie Ownby

Julie Pancake

Mindy Parker

Sonja Pegram

Mike Pettie

Ami Phillips

Tina Pilgrim

Sreelatha Pillai

Cindy Powell

Sharman Price

Travis Ragsdale

Donna Ratkowski

Jill Ray

Lori Rea

Michelle Reddy

Lorri Reyes

Susan Rice

Stacy Robinson

Danette Rogers

Dedra Rupard

Cristi Ryan


Shannon Sadler

Pauline Samuel

Laura Savage

Mary Sawey

Paige Schlegel

Megan Schuler

Nicholas Seibert

Virginia Simms

Melodie Smith

Joshua Stamper

Julie Stephens

Terri Stringfellow

Stephanie Suddarth

Lucy Sutton

Susan Svidlow

Amy Swanner

Sharon Swanson

Cindy Tamblyn

Jan Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Lisa Tillery

Christopher Tobler

Elizabeth Tran

Brent Truitt

Chel Van Dover

Sally Villani

Jackie Wahler

Carole Ann Waid

Anna Walker

Natalie Williams

Shelly Williams

Tonya Williams

Nikki Wilson

Jane Wylie

Dean Xeros

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