MMS Mission and Belief

MMS Mission Statement

MMS will cultivate a supportive environment as our students pursue their social, emotional, and cognitive potential with resilience and perseverance in the face of life's challenges.

MMS Belief Statement

Student Centered

We believe the best interest of all students must be at the heart of every decision.

Growth Mindset

We believe showing patience and perseverance despite challenges and mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

Climate and Culture

We believe a safe environment based in authentic relationships fosters positive risk-taking, creates a balance between work and life, and engages students, teachers and the community.

Teachers as Role Models

We believe teachers should model life-long learning, passion, integrity, grit and empathy.


We believe it is our responsibility to meet all students where they are, provide them with an opportunity to thrive and guide them to their unique destinations.

Engagement of Stakeholders

We believe partnering with students, parents and the community will provide effective communication, collaboration and the celebration of education.

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Why support MMS PTA?
Our goal is to work with parents and the community to enrich students educational experience, to enhance the overall well being of our students a work diligently to improve our school.
What does the PTA do with the money?
Helps pay for:
• Three socials every year
• Guest speakers
• Teacher breakfasts
• Teacher appreciation gifts
Your restaurant will have exposure on:
• MMS Facebook
• MMS PTA Facebook
• MMS eNews
• Marque flash
Questions? Call Michele Kester at 214-662-7247.