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Here  are the handouts from our great speaker on January 12th.








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February 3, 2016

From Dr Binggeli: The school board agreed at their Feb 2nd mtg to bring $481M bond package forward on the 5/7 ballot.  Early voting will start 4/25. They will send communication packages out for distribution in order to provide bond details and encourage voter turnout.  Dr. Binggeli is willing to speak to any organizations (PTA, School mtgs, etc) regarding bond package information.  Representatives of the PISD (including key communicators when functioning in their official capacity) are not allowed to advocate for or against the Bond initiative but may only inform.

Meeting format included Topic Tables with Break-Out Sessions. More info on all available agenda topics can be found here.

Topic #1: Guidance Services 9-12th grades. (Jane Clanahan)

-13 extra Guidance counselors were on campus at PESH to help students and staff with the recent student deaths. (normal staff is 10, so 23 total)

-Suicide prevention programming is already part of their program. In 11/12th grades, it is titled "Taking Care of Each Other".

-When asked what types of programs exist, or are planned, to help prevent such tragedies, they mentioned the Grit Program at MMS as a real effort towards root cause & prevention.

-Next Tuesday (2/9) there will be a special topic presentation, by Haliburton, which will be communicated through the district.'

-Statistic: over 1,000,000 suicide attempts in HS annually; approx. 5,000 completions 


Topic #2: PACE Program, K-12 (Robin Garcia)

-General Q&A on PACE program, selection process, and progression from K-12.

-New curriculum for 3rd grade will focus on coding

-New middle school curriculum for SIGS

Topic #3: Multilingual Instruction (Tita Alarcon)

-Overview of bilingual/ESL services.

-PISD currently does not offer any dual-language study programs.  But, this year, they are assessing different models for teaching dual language curriculum.  No commitment yet, just research.


Topic #4: PISD Academy High School (Haley Bolton)

-STEAM school (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math)

-Overview of the school model: non-traditional, project based, with facilitators.  Not focused on boosting GPA (no IB, AP, GT courses). No electives-- uses 'clubs' instead. -Approx. 125 students per grade; open application process, but selection is done by lottery. -Gaining interest & popularity among colleges (over 50 colleges have visited the campus, including Harvard, Columbia, etc).





 Did you miss the GRIT presentation by Caroline Miller?  Watch it here: