• The building opens at 7:45.
  • All buses drop off on the east side of the building, and students enter through the cafeteria doors. 
  • 6th grade bus riders will walk through the cafeteria, into the rotunda, and then teachers will direct them where to sit in the hallway.
  • 6th grade carpoolers or walkers will enter through the front door, proceed to the rotunda, and then teachers will direct them where to sit in the hallway.
  • 7th and 8th grade students will report to the cafeteria each morning.
  • We will release our 6th grade students around 8:10 on the first few days so that they have plenty of time to open their lockers and find their first class.



  • Please remember that students may only receive lunches from someone who is listed on their emergency contact card; do not bring lunch for children other than your own. As this is a statewide policy and a safety issue, please understand that we will not allow students to eat lunches provided by anyone except for someone on their emergency contact card.
  • To check your child's balance and add money to his or her account visit: (This is link is also posted in Parent Portal.)
  • To view the upcoming menu, download the mealviewer app in the appstore or visit:


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Why support MMS PTA?
Our goal is to work with parents and the community to enrich students educational experience, to enhance the overall well being of our students a work diligently to improve our school.
What does the PTA do with the money?
Helps pay for:
• Three socials every year
• Guest speakers
• Teacher breakfasts
• Teacher appreciation gifts
Your restaurant will have exposure on:
• MMS Facebook
• MMS PTA Facebook
• MMS eNews
• Marque flash
Questions? Call Michele Kester at 214-662-7247.